Monday, December 16, 2013



An Increase to the Riseup House Donation was Approved at the Dec. 12, 2013 Meeting

* Leduc Club members voted to provide another $150.00 to Riseup House of Leduc to top up the $250.00 presented on Nov. 28, 2013 for a total of $400.00.
* This represents the fee required to allow a woman in distress / need to attend a weeklong Retreat for counselling and healing from domestic abuse / violence.
* We are pleased to be able to provide some funding for this necessary and valuable service offered  through the commendable Riseup staff which, in turn, also benefits any children involved.

Additional Donations are Made to the Leduc Regional Food Bank and the Santa's Helpers program at our Dec. 12, 2013 Meeting

Executive Director Gert Reynar of the Leduc Regional Food Bank attended our Dec. 12, 2013 regular meeting to receive Club and personal donations of cash and some non-perishable items.
Also, on behalf of the Santa's Helpers program, Gert was presented with Club member personal gifts, from a Wish List, to be given to young children, kids and teens belonging to families in need.

Optimists Trevor and Denise stand left of some member personal donations with Gert
Optimist Ray presents to Gert a cash donation of $420.00 (part of $1040.00 over 2013)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Donation Made to Leduc Riseup House at our Meeting on November 28, 2013

At our November 28, 2013 regular meeting, a representative from Riseup House in Leduc was in attendance at our invitation. Anna Bidewell gave an informative, caring and uplifting presentation on the services offered and provided at Riseup. The staff help and counsel women and families experiencing domestic violence and abuse. Our Club applauds them for their valuable work.

A $250.00 donation was provided to give some assistance after this initial contact with the group.
Anna, on the left, receives the cheque from Optimist member Barbara